23 Copywriting Portfolio Examples + What to Include & How to Build Yours

23 real copywriting portfolio examples to browse through and learn from. Find out what you need to include and how to build yours.

You decided: you’re going to update your copywriter portfolio finally. More than that, you’re going to create an amazing one that clients just won’t be able to resist. You even selected some of your favorite projects to add in there. Awesome! There’s just one little problem left… What is it supposed to look like again?

In this post, we’ll show you 23 real copywriting portfolio examples. This will give you a good idea of what they usually look like, and a chance to get inspired. Through these examples, you will learn what makes a copywriter portfolio great, and in the end, we’ll show you how to build one using a copywriting portfolio builder tool.

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Copywriting portfolio examples

Even if you know what you should include in your portfolio, it’s helpful to see how other people have done it. That’s why we’re bringing you 23 copywriting portfolio examples today that we hand-selected from hundreds that we looked through. You can get some inspiration for yours and also learn from them.

Examples for a good copywriter portfolio home page

1. Ádám Mattyasovszky

example of a portfolio: creative lead and copywriter adam mattyasovszky

The home page of Adam’s portfolio checks all the boxes of a great copywriter portfolio website. It opens with a powerful image of Adam himself and a simple, no-BS tagline telling the viewers who he is and what he does. There’s also a navigation bar at the top of the page that helps you quickly find his about and contact pages.

portfolio of creative lead and copywriter Adam Mattyasovszky

And as you scroll down on the home page, you’ll find some of his best projects right away. The eye-catching thumbnails entice you to click and explore the advertising projects Ádám’s worked on: you’ll find lots of topics ranging from cars through beverages to bank services.

It’s clean, simple and stylish at the same time, making it a nice and easy experience to browse through it. Ádám’s portfolio was created with Copyfolio, using the “Billboard” template.

2. Kelsey O’Halloran

Screenshot of Kelsey O'Halloran's copywriter portfolio website's homepage, displayed in a laptop mockup

The main page of Kelsey’s copywriter website is a good example of what a copywriting portfolio home page should look like. It’s not only beautiful and coherent in style, but also has all the home page must-haves you should also strive to have on yours.

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshot of Kelsey's home page with a section about her
  • Starts with a picture and a short description. At first glance, you already get to know her a little bit and find out exactly what you can expect. In her case: interview-inspired website copy for service-based entrepreneurs. 
Copywriting portfolio example: screenshots of Kelsey O'Halloran's portfolio home page
  • Displays testimonials. Social proof is a powerful tool that shows people they can trust your skills and expertise. Thus if it fits into the design, it definitely has a place on your home page.
  • Added a short bio. You found out at the top, what kind of work she does, but what about the person behind? Further down the page you can find her single sentence bio with another professional photo and a link to her about page.
Copywriting portfolio example: screenshot of portfolio homepage showcasing copywriting examples
  • Features her top projects. With a call-to-action button linking to her portfolio, she features three of her top projects right on the home page. You can see a thumbnail with a laptop mockup for each with a short description of the project. Straightforward but appealing, exactly what one needs to click through to find out more.
  • Makes it easy to get in touch. The home page has a whole section centered around a “Get in touch” button. But even if you scroll past that, you can find her email address and another link to the contact page at the very bottom.

3. Shanice Perriatt

The copywriting portfolio website of digital marketer and content creator Shanice Perriatt

Shanice has a welcoming homepage that makes it easy for us to find her projects —or to learn more about her and get in touch if we’d like. Her top headline clearly tells us what she does (she’s a digital marketer and content creator with 4+ years of experience crafting compelling copy) and she tells us exactly what our next step should be with a clear CTA right underneath.

Screenshot of the about page of Shanice Perriatt's copywriting portfolio website.
The about page of Shanice’s copywriting portfolio website.

Her portfolio website has a muted pastel background that complements the green accent color she uses in her thumbnails and for her profile picture, bringing it all together. The design of her site is simple, but consistent all throughout, giving it a polished and professional look. Shanice created her portfolio using Copyfolio and the “Letterpress” template.

4. Christian Boutwell

Screenshot of the copywriting portfolio website of Christian Boutwell, lead copywriter and brand developer, created with Copyfolio.

Christian is a lead copywriter who knows how to put together an impressive and aesthetic copywriting portfolio. He starts out with a picture of himself to build rapport, followed by a short paragraph detailing his experience and expertise.

He made sure the design of his thumbnails all match the look of the rest of his website —and featured logos of more clients he’s worked with after the projects for added credibility. He built his portfolio website with Copyfolio, using the “Journal” template.

5. Clare from Ampersand Writing Services

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshot of the home page of the Ampersand Writing Services

Another great home page example would be the site of the Ampersand Writing Services. Similarly to Kelsey, Clare also has all the must haves of an ideal portfolio landing page:

  • Her name, photo and what she does. Or in other words, the most important basic information you need to know when you land on her page. And as a bonus, she even added some fun facts for those that are interested.
  • Her most important projects. Clare has a “Take a look at my work” section where she briefly explains the kind of projects she does. And although she doesn’t have screenshots or mockups as clickable thumbnails, she features a slideshow of the logos of the brands she worked for. And if you want to know more, you can click the “handy link to her portfolio”.
The website of the Ampersand Writing Services showcasing clients on the homepage
  • Easily accessible contact information. At the bottom of the page you can find a contact form along with her phone number, email and postal address. With all these different options she makes it easy for potential clients to get in touch with her.
create your own copywriting portfolio with copyfolio

6. Gari Cruze 

Copywriting portfolio example: a screenshot of the homepage of Gari Cruz copywriter's website

Gari Cruze is a copywriter with a strong agency background and a lot of cool projects under his name. When you land on his site, you can see his featured projects right away, displayed in a grid with eye-catching thumbnails. 

As you hover over you can see that Gari worked for brands like Slack, Lyft, and even the US Department of Education. This gives you a good idea of his experiences and expertise, and will probably get you interested enough to click through.

Although this information is not featured right on his home page, Gari also makes it easy for the viewer to find out more about him with an “About” link in the main menu. He even included a fun “17 random things” page. His about page consists of fun and entertaining copy about himself – and also gives easy access to his writer resume and contact information.

7. Laura Silcock

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshots of the homepage of Laura Silcock's portfolio site

The home page of copywriter and brand voice consultant Laura Silcock also follows the guidelines of a good copywriting portfolio. Right when you land on her page you find a brief introduction to what she does, written in a fun and compelling way, of course.

Right below you can see her photo and find out more about her: she’s been a freelance copywriter since 2002, she’s based in Leeds and works with clients both in and outside of the UK.

Similarly to Kelsey, Laura also features testimonials from people she worked with, strengthening the social proof and appeal of her services. They’re followed by the most important part: three of her best copywriting examples. For each project she included:

  • Who the client was
  • The type of project we’re talking about
  • What services she provided
  • An overview of the project
  • A link to the finished project, opening as a gallery
  • And a testimonial from that specific client

And if someone wants to see more, they can easily click the button to check out more of her projects on her portfolio page.

But if you’re already convinced, you can just click or tap one of the buttons at the bottom to call and email her right away. 

8. Tom Rigby 

Screenshot of the homepage of Tom Rigby's copywriter website

Tom is a freelance copywriter from the UK, with over 25 years of experience. He structured his website and homepage a little differently, but we still wanted to showcase it as an interesting example. 

On his homepage you can find a single (well-written) sentence of what he does. This layout first draws the eyes to the text and then lets them to wander right to the navigation. Without having to scroll and read anything you might not be interested in, you can easily find what you’re looking for in the menu.

About, services, clients, approach, portfolio… He has it all. It’s worth highlighting his portfolio page above all. He starts it aptly with some witty copy that lets you get a glimpse of his personality and see his copywriting skills right away.

Copywriting portfolio example: Tom Rigby's portfolio

Underneath those few initial paragraphs, you can find his copywriting samples with larger thumbnails, showcased in a grid layout. They’re organized in alphabetical order by the clients’ names, some of which are well-known brands like HP, Deloitte, Mercedes-Banz, or McClaren. It’s already easy to browse through but to make it even more convenient, you can filter the projects by type: advertising, brochure, magazine, etc.

Once you click on a project, you can see the finished product (with visuals) on the next page. The only thing we’re missing here is some explanation for the projects. We’d love to read a little more about the background of these campaigns, what problems the copy solved and just overall how it was created.

9. Kathryn from CopyKat

Copywriting portfolio example: a screenshot of the homepage of CopyKat's copywriter website

The home page of CopyKat Creative is visually appealing, consistent is style, and brief. The first two paragraphs of copy are already entertaining to read, leaving you excited to find out more. It’s an excellent copywriting example in itself.

Then right below you find big tiles with titles: copywriting, fiction of all kinds, meet the actual Kat and blog. While they are still pretty and in-line with the style of the whole website, they’re straightforward, leading you right where you want to go. 

A screenshot of CopyCat's copywriter portfolio homepage with a contact form

Oh, and have I mentioned the contact form with the hilarious “I confirm that I like cats (required)” checkbox above the send button? Talk about good branding and tone of voice!

10. Cassidy Horton

Copywriting portfolio example: a freelancer portfolio homepage example by Cassidy Horton

When it comes to freelance writer websites and portfolios, there are some checkboxes that have to be ticked, if you want to make sure your page converts. Cassidy Horton’s website checks all of these boxes. It has:

  • An introduction outlining why you should choose her and what you get if you decide to work with her
  • Logos of previous clients she’s worked with so you get an idea of her experience
  • A portfolio section with actual pieces of her earlier projects
  • Her services and rates. It’s important for freelancers to let potential clients know what exactly they can be hired for and how much of an investment that will be for the client
  • Reviews from her satisfied clients so you know you can trust the quality of her work
  • A photo of her with her story and mission statement attached as her about section
  • A contact form and her email address in case you’d like to get in touch with her.

Scrolling through her page takes you through all the necessary information you need to know to make your decision. As a good freelancer website should do.

What should good “about me” and contact pages look like?

11. Erin Hart

Screenshot of the about me page of Erin Hart's copywriting portfolio website.

Erin’s about page checks all the boxes a good converting page should have:

  • Briefly summarizes who she is and what she does
  • Features her copywriting resume, and with that…
  • Explains her skills, past experiences, and expertise
  • Talks about her passions and motivations and her goals for the future

The only thing we were missing from this about page was a call-to-action. Because what would be a better place to convert visitors than your about page? They’re clearly already interested in you!

Erin’s about page and copywriting portfolio was created with Copyfolio.

12. Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes

Screenshot of the about page on the Ashlyn Writes website

We’ve talked a good amount about the ideal copywriter portfolio home page, let’s now look at how an ideal about me page should look like. A great example of that is on Ashlyn Carter’s site, Ashlyn Writes.

Right away it starts with a few lines that accomplish three things at once: show Ashlyn’s copywriting skills, introduce you to her brand (and brand voice) and tell you what she does exactly.

Copywriting portfolio example: the about page of Ashlyn Carter

It continues with a photo of her and more copy about why you need her and her services. That leads into her personal story, first of how and why she started her business and then of the personal history behind it all. 

By the end of reading it, you won’t only feel like you know her, but will also be convinced of her writing skills. After all, you read all that text almost without noticing, right?

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ashlyn takes the traditional “about me” to another level by including sections like “The Proust Questionnaire”, her business’s core values, quotes that inspire her and more. 

Copywriting portfolio example: questions and testimonials on the about page of Ashlyn Writes

There are some other elements too on this page that we’d recommend – either here on your homepage. She’s included:

  • Podcasts she’s done
  • Magazines and other press she’s been featured in
  • Testimonials from clients she’s worked for
  • Links to her blog, online shop and YouTube channel

13. Colleen Welsch from Glossy Type

Another important page we should cover is the contact page. For that let’s look at the Glossy Type website by Colleen Welsch. 

As most of the good copywriter pages, this one starts out with some convincing copy too. She briefly outlines how people can get in touch with her and what topics she can cover. Underneath you can find her email address and a contact form as well, so you can choose which method of contact is more convenient for you.

But what we like the most on this page is the Frequently Asked Questions section below. Here you can not only get information on Glossy Type (and save yourself the time of sending an email), but also get another glimpse into their brand personality. 

Copywriting portfolio examples – the actual portfolio page

14. Robert Heckert

Copywriting portfolio example: the copywriter portfolio homepage of Robert Hackert

Others might separate the portfolio and the home page, but Robert Heckert’s homepage is his portfolio page in itself. It features a thumbnail grid showcasing mockups: phones and laptops with screenshots of the copy he wrote embedded in them. His resume is also easily accessible from the menu.

Hovering over each tile, you immediately get the basic information of each project: the name of the client and the type of work Robert’s done. And it’s when you click through that you get to read the full case story of each job.

Using bigger visuals and a grid layout helps the viewer not get overwhelmed by text. It can be a challenge for copywriters to present their work in their portfolios, but these thumbnails help solve the problem. 

It can be screenshots or mockups, even photos of the finished product if it wasn’t digital. Robert’s page is a great example for using mockups and big sized thumbnails to create a portfolio page that’s easy on the eyes.

15. The Literary Co 

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshot of the copywriter portfolio page of The Literary Co

Another wonderful example for a portfolio page is from The Literary Co. They also decided to feature their work in a grid with beautiful mockups as thumbnails.

Using the same mockup with different positioning gives a very professional and cohesive look to the page, which we love! Underneath each thumbnail they display the name of the client, the type of the project and a button that prompts you to check out the case study. 

Copywriting portfolio example: what a copywriting case study should look like

Each case study has four parts:

  • The brand voice
  • A summary of the project
  • A testimonial from the client
  • And the finished product – both with screenshots and a link to the live version

The beautifully designed portfolio and case study pages help with keeping the visitors longer on the page and increasing the overall conversion rate.

16. Dayarne Smith 

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshot of the copywriter portfolio of Dayarne Smith

The next one of our copywriting portfolio examples is by Dayarne, who features her projects in a grid layout. Using mockups as thumbnails creates a very cohesive style and makes it easy to browse through her work. 

Underneath each thumbnail she lists the project type and client as the title and the industry as the subheading. And if you want to know more about any of the projects, you can simply click on the button right below. 

The buttons however all lead you away from her site to show you the copy live. This way, unfortunately, there’s no way to find out more about the background of each project. 

But if you’d like to get more information on Dayarne, her services, or just get in touch with her, you can easily find everything for that in the menu at the top of the page.

copywriting case study and portfolio building tips

The ideal case study in a copywriter portfolio

17. Emma Buckley

A social media copywriting case study on the portfolio website of Emma Buckley.

Emma is a freelance copywriter, who categorized her case studies. She has one for social media copy, one for blog posts, and one for infographics and handouts. It’s. great way to show a wide range of skills and versatile expertise without overwhelming visitors with dozens of project pages.

Using images and lots of white space makes the case studies easy and fun to read through and gives a realistic idea of what the finished, published copy looked like. Emma created her portfolio and case studies using Copyfolio.

18. Erica Sykora

Screenshot of a case study page in Erica Sykora's copywriting portfolio.

The case study pages in Erica Sykora’s copywriting portfolio are the perfect examples of what to write about and what to showcase on your project pages. She writes about the project’s background, leading into her creative process, and then writes about the final results too. Instead of just showing them off. Which she also does, in a sleek and professional way: with big, vibrant images, occasionally even placing them into mockup frames.

The copywriting portfolio of Erica Sykora, created with Copyfolio
Erica’s copywriting portfolio was created with Copyfolio, using the “Typewriter” template.

We recommend you check Erica’s site and the projects she displays there, as they give great examples of how copywriting case studies should be written.

19. Selina Hill 

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshots of Selina Hill's copywriter portfolio page and one of the case studies she features there

With our next copywriting portfolio example, let’s slowly transition from examining portfolio pages to looking at the case studies they feature. This next site is a good example for both.

In her portfolio, Selina displays thumbnails of her projects with subtle animations. By first glance you can see an image and the brand name for each, but if you hover over one, the project type pops up.

But our favourite aspect of her portfolio is the way her case studies are structured. Almost like a flowchart, the short descriptions take us through each important details of the project:

  • The client
  • The brief
  • The solution
  • The services she provided
  • And a link to the client’s website

And as always, you can find the actual visuals at the very end. It’s concise, but has all the information you need to know.

20. Jeanne from The Copy Psychologist 

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshot of the portfolio page of The Copy Psychologist with copywriting examples, featured in a laptop mockup

The Copy Psychologist is run by Jeanne and what makes it different from others is that the case studies here didn’t get their own pages. Listing and detailing them all on the same page, Jeanne displays a portfolio of four carefully selected copywriting examples of four different types of copy:

  • Website copywriting,
  • Email copy,
  • A landing page,
  • And a brand message.

For each project she briefly but clearly outlines the goal of the project and what she did, then underlines the effectiveness of her copy by measurements of the results. For showing the actual copy, there’s a screenshot next to each description.

Even without separate project pages and lengthy case studies, she manages to show the viewers that she can not only write many different types of copy, but that what she writes, converts. Sometimes less is more, right?

21. Sara Frandina 

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshots of copywriting case studies featured on Sara Frandina's copywriter portfolio website

Another great copywriter case study example is the one from Sara Frandina. She has a standard format she uses for each case study, which makes her copywriter portfolio all the more cohesive.

The first part of the case studies is split into two columns. On the right, you see the client’s name and the project’s date, followed by screenshots of the finished copy. And on the left, she goes into more details regarding the background of the project.

She first outlines the challenge she met when taking up the project, then explains the solution she came up with. She also specifically lists what parts she wrote copy for. 

And since most of her projects are email campaigns, website copy and landing pages, where it’s easy to measure, she included the results of her work too. She lists specific numbers of how her copy improved conversion and retention rates, how much of a sales increase she helped to make.

So again, what makes her case study so good is how she clearly and briefly outlines:

  • Who the client was
  • The challenge
  • The solution
  • And the results.

After these essential sections she smartly includes a testimonial too, followed by a call to action to get started.

22. John Axtell

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshots of case studies on John Axtell's copywriter portfolio website

John’s decided to showcase 9 of his best copywriting examples in his portfolio, including ones for businesses like Disney or Google. Displayed with thumbnails and simple titles on his homepage, you need to click through to check each case study.

The descriptions in the case studies are very straightforward, as for each you’ll see:

  • Who the client was
  • The tagline of the campaign
  • The insights
  • The big idea
  • Credits for his collaborators on the project
  • And the type of the campaign (e.g. print ads)

And of course at the end you can see how the finished product looked. Sometimes with a screenshot or embedded video, sometimes with mockups -but always with clear and professional presentation.

While his descriptions are brief (usually just a line each), you get all the information you need without having to spend an extensive amount of time reading through each project. 

And based on our interviews with creative directors and HR managers, this is exactly what they’re looking for. “I just don’t have more than 5-10 minutes to spend with a portfolio”, they all said.

23. Anna Rogan 

Copywriting portfolio example: screenshot of a case study on Anna Rogan's copywriter portfolio website, featured in a laptop mockup

Anna decided to list her projects blog-style in a list, featuring photos, sometimes logos as the thumbnails. Once you click through, you can find very straightforward case studies, all of them following the same structure. 

You’ll get one or two sentences of the job, the challenge, and the result. Plus an additional link to the content live, so you can check it out if you’d like it.

And while we love how she briefly explains each project, we’re just really missing the visuals. It would be nice to see the finished copy (think screenshots) without having to click through. 

Not to mention that you should always expect the content to be taken off the site, no matter how unlikely it seems now. The client could go out of business or just take the piece down for whatever reason. How are you going to showcase your copy then?

Tips for creating your own copywriter portfolio

If you want to learn more about creating a copywriter portfolio, keep reading! We’ll now outline what the must-have characteristics of a truly great copywriting portfolio are, and help you with what you should include in it. We’ve even added some tips for creating your online copywriter portfolio at the end, so stay tuned!

What makes a good copywriting portfolio?

When you think about what makes a copywriting portfolio good, think about the person who’s going to be reviewing yours. It will either be a hiring manager or a potential client of yours, right?  Well, they probably won’t have hours to look through your work, and they’re looking to find out all the essential information about you as quickly as possible. 

Your name, short bio, contact information, and even your social links should be easily accessible, so they can quickly get an idea of who you are and where to find you. And in case they want to know more about your background, you should consider attaching your resume as well. 

As they might be looking through dozens of portfolios, it’s important for yours to be visually appealing too. Your content might be outstanding, but if the presentation is boring or overwhelmingly text-heavy, they won’t even get to reading it. They’ll close the tab in a few seconds. Visualize your copy to create stunning thumbnails and keep the overall design of your writing portfolio website consistent. 

And don’t forget: your home page and thumbnails keep the visitors there long enough to go deeper… But it’s the projects themselves that will determine, whether they want to hire you or not. So make sure you only include your very best work, and present each case study in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Any copywriting examples that don’t hit your highest standards, should be left out of your portfolio.

What to include in your copywriter portfolio?

Now that you know the guidelines to make the overall portfolio up to snuff, comes the question: “But what should a copywriting portfolio include?” Your absolute best copywriting examples, of course. 

You should select projects that you are proud of, ideally covering a range of different formats. They could be TV commercials, radio spots, digital ads, landing pages, email marketing copies, print advertisements… The list is endless. You don’t have to include everything, but it’s nice to show that you have a versatile copywriting skillset. If you had the chance to work with some big brands throughout your writing career, make sure to display their logos as well. 

When writing about each project, think about them as very brief case studies. Make sure you clearly and briefly explain:

  • the background of the project and the problem you had to solve,
  • your task and problem-solving process,
  • the solution or finished result,
  • and if possible, the impact it had.

You won’t always be able to measure the impact of your work, but if you can, you always should include it in the project. It’s a powerful proof that the copy you write, really does convert. 

How do you create a site based on these copywriting portfolio examples?

Your best bet for easily creating a portfolio is using a portfolio builder tool that was designed for copywriters. 

Most website builders and portfolio sites were created with designers in mind. This means they rely heavily on you having your own stunning visuals, and it can make using them quite troublesome for writers. But if you choose a platform like Copyfolio, you won’t have to worry about design and visuals. You can focus only on writing and still create a stunning portfolio that’ll look good on any device. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Choose a copywriting portfolio template that you like. Don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can switch to another anytime.
  2. Upload a photo of yourself and write your tagline. It’s the first step to make your site truly yours.
  3. Add your copy. Copyfolio sites come with pre-filled pages and sections to give you ideas, which you can use if you’re stuck with what to write about.
  4. Select and add your copywriting projects. They’re the shining stars of your portfolio, after all. Need help with writing about them? Copyfolio provides prompts and guiding questions to help you write killer case studies. Nothing more or less than what clients and creative directors want to see. 

As you can see, the process is straightforward and easy. You’ll be able to build a portfolio in less than a few hours and still end up with a site that looks amazing. And converts. 

Sign up and create your copywriting portfolio today!

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