Dorka Kardos-Latif

Dorka Kardos-Latif

Marketing lead at Copyfolio

Digital marketer & portfolio expert, the face behind all content on Copyfolio 👋

What do I do as the marketer of Copyfolio?

I’m one of those lucky marketers, who had the chance to launch a product, build its brand from the ground up, then watch it succeed. I’ve been with Copyfolio since day one in 2020 and during these years I got to...

  • Interview amazing creative directors from agencies like HUGE or Ogilvy
  • Talk to dozens of copywriters, marketers, and social media peeps and watch them test new Copyfolio features
  • Hold presentations for writing, marketing, and PR university classes to showcase Copyfolio
  • Record hundreds of videos from educational content, to tutorials and showcasing new website building features
  • Review thousands of portfolios and freelancer websites built by social media professionals, writers, and marketers

And with all the things that I learned through these interactions and hours upon hours of research, I’ve written dozens of articles too. On the Copyfolio Blog, we aim to help writers, marketers, social media, and PR professionals elevate their professional online presence and advance in their careers.

So I write a lot about portfolio and website building tips, showcasing inspiring examples, often made with Copyfolio. We also talk about freelancing and starting your own business, getting clients, and earning more. If you’re working in any of these fields, hopefully, you’ll find a blog post or two that’ll help you succeed. 💛

What did I do before Copyfolio?

Prior to running marketing at Copyfolio, I worked as a digital marketer at two pretty different places.

I was an Online Content Manager at Scitec Nutrition, coordinating the creation and publishing of content across the blog, Facebook, and Instagram —working with an internal content team, multiple agencies, and many influencers. Before that, I was with ExpertPhotography helping them build their community, run their Pinterest strategy, and lead generation campaigns.

And my education? I got my Master’s degree at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan (fun fact: I also speak Chinese!) in International Communications, learning a lot about social media marketing, digital games and society, consumer behaviour, journalism, and more.

What do I do outside of work?

I read. A lot. As many other writers, I’m in love with words and books, and spend quite a lot of my time devoted to them. I usually read around 40 books a year and get really excited when I can talk about them. Afraid I’d bore my friends and family too much, I started a bookish blog in 2023 to share my thoughts and book reviews. It’s called Books & Caffeine —feel free to look it up if you’re interested.

To balance all that sitting on the couch with a book, I frequent the gym as well. The two hobbies might not be so typical together, but I am actually a certified fitness instructor and I love getting a good workout in. Being healthy is such a blessing and I’m trying my best to ensure I can be healthy and active for as long as possible.

Last but not least comes the cutest part: I have a soft and squishy ragdoll cat named Feyre (iykyk) and I spend a lot of time taking care of her. If you want to see the fluffy queen herself, you can find her on Instagram as @feyre.ragdoll

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