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We’ve created lots of content in the last few years —most of them aimed at copywriters. Although you could scroll through our blog to find them in the feed, we wanted to gather the best ones on a dedicated resources page for you.

As the team behind Copyfolio, a portfolio website builder tool for writers, we’re dedicated to providing all the resources you need to boost your career and build your personal brand. So you’ll find tips and inspiration about copywriting portfolios, career advice, interviews with famous copywriters and creative directors, and more!

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Portfolio building tips & inspiration

Having a killer copywriting portfolio is key to getting hired —whether we’re talking about a full-time in-house or agency position, or landing new clients. In this article, we go through all you need to know about creating your own copywriting portfolio, including:

  • What makes a good portfolio
  • What to include in yours
  • What if you don’t have much copywriting experience
  • How to present copywriting materials visually

the best copywriting portfolio templates (free & responsive) — blog post by Copyfolio

Are you looking for the quickest and easiest way to build your portfolio? Then you should check out our copywriting portfolio templates, and this blog post that comes with it. You’ll learn how to create a stunning site from signing up to customizing it to your own style.

In the article you can check three different copywriting portfolio templates: Typewriter, Artboard, and Journal —but you’ll find more inside the editor if you’d like to keep on browsing.

If you’re a visual type that loves to get lots of inspiration before getting started, you’ll love our copywriting portfolio examples article! With 25 great examples and counting, you can check real-life copywriters’ portfolio websites, while learning the best practices along the way.

Speaking of best practices, this piece has 11 practical tips for you to create and perfect your online writing portfolio. Covering topics ranging from content, through layouts, to case study writing, we’ve got you covered on all things online portfolio.

create a responsive writing portfolio website with copyfolio

Tips for bigger career changes

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re here to help you even if you’re at the very beginning of your copywriting journey. In this post you can read about:

  • The qualifications you need to become a copywriter
  • The skills that’ll make it easier to get hired as a copywriter
  • Possible career paths you can choose from

And in the end, we even have a simple 4-step guide to walk you through the whole process of becoming a copywriter.

A little similar to the previous topic, yet still different: we have a piece on becoming a freelance writer. There are lots of copywriters, who have been in the field for years, and then decide to part with the 9-5 lifestyle and go freelance instead. If you’re one of them, this article is going to be perfect for you!

When you look at the typical career path of a copywriter, especially those working in advertising, towards the end is the step when you become a creative director. As a CD, you’ll still need a portfolio —but it might be a little different from the one you had as a copywriter.

In this blog post, you can read all about creative director portfolios, and check out real-life examples as well to get some inspiration.

Portfolios are the most important piece of the “let’s get hired” project —but sometimes they alone are not enough. Especially if you’re applying for an in-house copywriter position, the company might ask you for a CV.

Not sure how to write one, or yours is in dire need of an update? Don’t you worry, we’ve got it all covered with this article about copywriter resumes. Flick through it and write an irresistible resume today!

creatr your writer websie with copyfolio

Interviews with agency creative directors and successful copywriters

Successful freelance copywriter and content trainer Amy Harrison, interviewed by Copyfolio

Click here to read our interview with Amy Harrison!

As a copywriter, you must have heard about Amy Harrison already. A successful freelance copywriter and content trainer, Amy is well-known for her YouTube channel, podcast, and overall brilliant writing style.

She sat down with us to chat about her career, copywriting, and what you need to become a successful copywriter just like her.

Would you be more interested in interviews with creative directors from the world of advertising? We have quite the list for you then! Check out our talks with...

What did we learn from our creative director interviews?

If you read through all the interviews, especially focusing on the parts about copywriter portfolios, you’ll find that they all expect the same:

  1. Make it easy to find your work. They don’t want to click around for ages just to find what they came for. Add your top projects (ideally 4-6 of them) right to your homepage, making them stand out.
  2. Give some background info. Don’t settle for uploading samples and leaving it at that. Write short case studies about each project, including the brief you got and the role you played in making it come to life.
  3. Use visuals. Big, prominent thumbnails and things like mockup frames will make reading through a copywriting portfolio a much better experience. Pro tip: try to choose images with a color palette that matches your site’s for a truly cohesive look.
choose a writing portfolio template and create a writer portfolio website with copyfolio

More interesting reads for copywriters

On-brand microcopy in Copyfolio: why and how we make it happen

On-brand Microcopy in Copyfolio: Why & How We Make It Happen

Have you dipped your toes into UX writing yet? If so, you must have heard the term “microcopy”. It’s such an interesting intersection of copywriting and UX design, providing copywriters with an exciting challenge. The challenge comes from having to keep within the lines that UXers set for you while staying creative and writing persuasively for the target audience.

Would you like to see how we do that within Copyfolio? Check out the blog post for lots of examples and explanations inside!

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