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Turning your passion into a career is a dream for many. Luckily when that passion is writing, making it a reality is not too far-fetched of a dream. On our blog, we have many resources that can help you do that, and that’s what we collected for you on this page.

As the team behind Copyfolio, a portfolio website builder tool for writers, we’re dedicated to providing all the resources you need to boost your career and build your personal brand. So you’ll find tips and inspiration about building a successful freelance writing business, showcasing your content samples and building your writing portfolio, and more!

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Resources for freelance content writers

Let’s start with the resources we have for our dear freelance writers out there. Our aim is to help you from the moment you decide to go freelance, while building out your business, and as you thrive as a successful entrepreneur.

How to become a freelance writer: networking, pitching & more

First things first, here are our top tips for becoming a freelance writer. We’ll teach you how to create your portfolio and establish your online presence, as well as how to start networking. The post has a section on learning how to pitch (an essential skill as a freelance writer!) and has tips for getting paid more for your work too.

Before you jump right in, it’s nice to check how others do it. In this piece, we have 19 inspiring freelance writer website examples to get some ideas for your own. (You may find some sites made with Copyfolio in there too 😉) It covers everything from why freelancer writers need websites to how they should look, and we hope it’ll be a helpful and inspirational post for you to read.

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Looking for tips more specifically for portfolios? We’ve got you covered! This article will walk you through different ways of getting samples for your portfolio, presenting them in your portfolio, establishing credibility, and more.

While showcasing your work is essential on your freelance writer portfolio or website, communicating your services is almost just as important. This blog post talks about that, helping you with what to write about each service and how to display them on your site.

Feeling inspired? Create your own website that looks good on any device. Make it happen.

Content writing portfolio & sample showcase tips

Apart from our tips for freelancers, the Copyfolio blog also has loads of resources specifically related to building a writing portfolio. Let’s see a few.

Your content writing samples are the backbones of your portfolio. How do you get them and then present them in your portfolio? That’s exactly what this article will show you, illustrated with 21 real-life examples, and two free content writing sample templates at the end.

We had a post with examples above, but when it comes to gathering inspiration, there’s no such thing as seeing too many, right? So make sure to also check out this article with 29 writing portfolio examples. At the end of it, you’ll find 7 tips for creating a website based on those examples.

writing portfolio website design

We’ve talked about portfolio content aplenty, but what about design? This blog post will show you how to create a stunning portfolio website easily. From colors to white space, it covers all you need to know.

Most of the time we’re talking about either the homepage or projects when discussing portfolios. But we shouldn’t forget about the about me pages either. They’re important in giving your personal brand depth, alongside underlining your expertise and credibility. If you’re not 100% confident in yours, check out these examples and read about how you can create the perfect about page.

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Career tips for content writers

We have a few more articles that are not strictly related to portfolios or freelancing, but we thought will still be interesting and useful for your content writer career.

We believe that it’s your portfolio that’s the key to getting hired, but oftentimes sending in a resume is still required. So we collected our top 7 tips for creating a powerful writer resume.

Content writing is not the only career path to make a living with your writing skills. So if you’re interested in switching things up a little, check out this article to see what other options you have. In it, we discuss the different career paths and what you need for each, the courses and degrees you could take, and how you could transition into a new writing career.

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