#madewithcopyfolio: 2024 July Favorites

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Dorka Kardos-Latif
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Not sure if you knew but the Copyfolio team spends a lot of time checking sites made with Copyfolio —and marveling at our community's creations.

To give some inspiration to those who are yet to get started with building their own site, we share some of our favorites each month. So now let us show you the websites we found and loved in July, 2024.

Alanna Go – Content Creator

Why we love it: we love the overall look of Alanna's site. The simple white background paired first with that lovely, professional but not boring picture of herself, followed by thumbnails that go so well together.

The thumbnails are not images made with the same template, yet the pops of orange give them a cohesive look that we love.

Alanna made her site with Copyfolio's Premier template.

Annie Cummings – Creative Writer

Why we love it: we may or may not have a soft spot for the Basalt color palette in Copyfolio. And especially when it's paired with such nice, carefully selected pictures... We couldn't not add Annie's site to this month's selection.

Cameron Bouer – Branding Expert

Why we love it: we loved the blog posts that Cameron featured on her homepage, all covering the topic of branding. She's a fresh business major graduate —and what a clever way she's found to show her interest and expertise in this niche!

Cameron used Copyfolio's Letterpress template to build her site.

Rae Lapi – Social Media Marketer

Why we love it: Rae's is one of the most fun sites we've seen recently on Copyfolio. The pink color palette, cool projects, and the well-written and fresh copy. Showing your personality like this is a great way to stand out from the crowd and catch potential clients' and employers' eyes.

Rae used Copyfolio's Billboard template Dollhouse color palette to create her site.

Sarah Farnam – Social Media Marketer

Why we love it: it's simple and straightforward, yet powerful. With just her intro and top 8 projects on the homepage, Sarah makes sure every visitor sees what she finds the most important. Wanna learn more? You can check the rest of the pages in the menu.