#madewithCopyfolio: 2024 January favorites

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Dorka Kardos-Latif
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Our team at Copyfolio browses through dozens if not hundreds of websites and online portfolios made with Copyfolio every single week. In that process, we always find some incredible sites —and we decided we shouldn't gatekeep them anymore.

So to give a little shoutout to their creators and show you what our pride and joy (Copyfolio) can do, we decided to make this a monthly series. Each month, we'll share a few sites we recently found and thought stood out from the crowd.

Without further ado, here are our 2024 January favorites, all made with Copyfolio.

Tim St. Jean – Social Media Marketer

Tim used Copyfolio's Journal template and Basalt color palette for his site

Why we love it: Tim used a color palette with a dark gray background, perfectly accented by black, white, and sage images. Using only these, the site looks sleek and professional, allowing you to truly focus on the content itself.

Ness Ulanbek – UGC Creator

Ness used Copyfolio's Premier template and Olive & Sage color palette to build it

Why we love it: For UGC creators wanting to work with brands, it's essential to showcase a variety of previous works. This includes images, videos, new concepts, and posts already published on social media. Ness displays all that, divided into categories, so it's easy to overview and find the type of content a brand is looking for.

Andrea Nazarian – Copywriter

Andrea created her website with Copyfolio's Premier template and Blue Marker color palette

Why we love it: the cool picture of Andrea paired with the vibrant purple text and the convincing copy sets the tone perfectly for her personal brand. With the resume section and dedicated pages for services and work samples, it's a copywriter website that'll definitely convert very well.

Edina Sultanik – Director of Communications and Partnerships

Edina used Copyfolio's Artboard template and Charcoal color palette

Why we love it: the choice of font, the collage in the hero section, and the way Edina used title sections make for an impressive site. And if you look deeper than these aesthetic choices? Her vast experience and skills will surely convince you of her expertise.

Ivy Jolin – Copywriter

Ivy set Copyfolio's Wallscape template and Olive & Sage color palette for her site

Why we love it: Having a simple text-only hero at the top of the homepage can be just as impactful (if not more) than one with a vibrant image included. We love the simplicity of the site, making it easy to find Ivy's three projects. Which, we need to add, have gorgeous thumbnail images, making us excited to click through.

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