#madewithCopyfolio: April Favorites

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One of the most exciting parts of working on Copyfolio is seeing the websites that people make with it. With thousands of new sites every month, we love collecting and sharing some of the best ones.

Scroll down to check the sites we found and loved in April 2024.

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Jamin Marciano Reyes – Musicologist & Designer

Why we love it: the completely black-and-white color palette (including all images) sets the tone and creates a cohesive design for the whole site. The website not only looks good, but its contents are also varied and interesting: you'll find projects for audio production, artist management, design, and more.

Anna J. Dalyan – Brand Copywriter

Why we love it: Anna transformed the Billboard template with this pastel yellow color palette. With images that match it in color, she created a beautiful freelance writer website. It features all important information, showcases her best projects, and makes it easy to get in touch —all on one page.

Delianna Rivera – Creative Copywriter

Why we love it: This site has a powerful tagline, a clear but engaging intro, a lovely picture creating a personal connection, and Delianna's best projects, featured with fun and colorful visuals. Looking through Delianna's portfolio is a great time in itself.

Diarmid Caffrey – Brand & Design Lead

Why we love it: Diarmid establishes his credibility right at the top of his page by featuring logos of previous clients, including well-known brands like Sony and Burberry. Further down the page, you'll find projects relating back to them alongside other pieces of his creative work worth checking out.

Jess Isner – Social Media Marketer

Why we love it: this site makes Jess's profession and niche crystal clear: social media marketing in the sports industry. She has the perfect portfolio section too, with eye-catching thumbnails leading to engaging and impressive case study pages.

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