#madewithCopyfolio: 2024 May Favorites

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Dorka Kardos-Latif
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Are you up for browsing some good-looking sites and getting a little bit of inspiration? Check out these 5 websites made with Copyfolio that our team found and loved this month.

Kendall Bousquet – Copywriter

Why we love it: Kendall's site is not only beautiful but very convincing as well. With the straightforward introduction, compelling projects, and impressive list of client logos, we know she'd be a great choice for a copywriting project.

Zeynep Kolat – Creative writer

Why we love it: with the choice of images Zeynep created the perfect atmosphere for a creative writing portfolio. Nesting the projects between two quotes is also a very nice touch.

Anna Wu – Marketer

Why we love it: following the logic of "less is more", Anna added nothing else but her top four projects to her homepage. It makes it super easy for potential clients and employers to check her work and assess her skills, so that's a great move in our books.

Morewa Osawaru – Digital & social media marketer

Why we love it: the professional photos of Mo give her whole site an elevated feel. It makes you feel like she's investing in herself and her career, making it easy to trust her with your project too.

Amina Awartani – Marketing writer

Why we love it: Amina's been a long-time Copyfolio user, even using some sections Copyfolio doesn't have anymore. She built a lovely site where her writing skills and personality truly shine through.

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