#madewithCopyfolio: 2024 February favorites

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Dorka Kardos-Latif
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With thousands of new websites made with Copyfolio every month, we can honestly say we check a lot of websites every week. They include portfolio websites, blogs, freelancer sites, and everything in between —and there are always a few gems worth sharing.

So here's our selection of sites made with Copyfolio that we found and loved in February 2024.

Nathan Moon – Creative Writer

Why we love it: the well-written copy, charcoal grey background, and the aesthetic of the thumbnail images all come together to make a unique and appealing creative writing portfolio. It's nice to look at and interesting to read, which is a winning combo in our books.

Pauline Castanda – Marketing Creative

Why we love it: the pastel pink color palette and rounded button pair perfectly with the pink tones in the project thumbnails. Together they give a playfulness to the site —which is not necessarily the mood you'd expect from a marketing portfolio.

Johanna Székelyhidi – Online Marketer

Why we love it: the Oxford color palette has a special place in our hearts but it was the beautiful imagery (including the cute raccoons) and the brilliant copy that captured us this time. Make sure to give it a read if you check out Johanna's marketing portfolio.

Savannah Sheely – Freelance Marketer

Why we love it: the light background of the website really lets you focus on the content. Your eyes are first drawn to Savannah's short intros, then to the aesthetic project thumbnails. We love the look and the flow of this website.

Sarah Rahn – Director of Marketing

Why we love it: while most people prefer square-shaped thumbnails, Sarah chose ones with a portrait ratio and laid them out in a nice 4x3 grid. By making sure that the project titles and descriptions follow the same logic and fit in single lines, she created the perfect portfolio grid.

+1: a Valentine's inspired blog from the team

Since we're publishing this post on Valentine's day, it'd be impossible not to include this fun, Valentine's inspired blog that one of our team members created. It shows how you can convey basically any mood using the right colors and images on your website.

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