Sándor Zelenka

Sándor Zelenka

Product Lead / Head of Folio at UX studio

Steering the ship of three amazing products, UXfolio, Copyfolio, and Archifolio, and sailing with their amazing sailors.

Being the Product Lead / Head of Folio at UX studio

As the Head of Folio products at UX studio, I get to work with three amazing product teams to build SaaS products that help people from a plethora of professions to advance in their careers, showcase their brilliance, and build a strong online presence. Our products cover the fields of UX design, UX research, writing, marketing, social media, architecture, interior design, and more.

In this position, I get to listen in on interviews and user tests with dozens on people from these areas, learning about their career aspirations and challenges, their portfolio goals and frustrations, and their day-to-day digital habits.

Seeing their finished portfolios and websites and chatting with them through support messages gives me first-hand, invaluable insights. I can then take those tidbits to build our SaaS products into apps that these people truly need and love.

I was the UX designer of Copyfolio for 3 years before that. Taking the responsibilities of researchers too, I had hundreds of sessions talking to and testing with copywriters, content marketers, and social media professionals. I got to see how they interact with digital products, how they want to showcase their work and professional credentials, and what a strong online presence means to them.

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