#madewithCopyfolio: 2024 March Favorites

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Every month we share a couple of websites and portfolios made with Copyfolio. Browsing through these examples you can see what you can do with Copyfolio and get some inspiration for building your own website.

Today it's time for the latest round, so let us show you the sites we found and loved in March 2024, all made with Copyfolio.

AG – Content Creator

Why we love it: we are obsessed with the project thumbnails. They use a template, featuring the same image in the background and the front, making it look like a Polaroid picture. These images combined with the simple monochrome theme of the site make for a really sleek design.

Haley Templeton – UGC Creator

Why we love it: if you click on the picture to check the live site, you'll see what a comprehensive UGC portfolio Haley put together. She showcases her projects organized into categories, writes about her process, and features her prices. Once you go through her site you'll have everything you need to know if you're thinking about hiring her.

Leyla Kiran – Visual Artist & Writer

Why we love it: Leyla created such a beautiful homepage with these abstract, colorful thumbnails featured on a black background. It shows perfectly how portfolio project thumbnails don't necessarily need to depict the topic of the project. Sometimes choosing decorative images to evoke a certain vibe is even more powerful.

Lidia Markova – Brand Marketing Leader

Why we love it: Lidia used Copyfolio's sections masterfully to display all the essential information, while not overwhelming readers with too much text. The logo wall and testimonial right in the first fold establish her credibility, while her explanation makes it super easy to decide if she'd be a good fit for your project in mind.

Noel Blanc – Social Media Manager

Why we love it: the collages Noel used to illustrate her sections make her site visually interesting. On top of that, the images go very well not just with each other but with the overall color palette of the site too, making it very pleasant to scroll through.

Have a website you created with Copyfolio and want to show it to the world? Email us a link, so we can check it out for next month's edition.

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