#madewithcopyfolio: 2024 June Favorites

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Need some website-building inspiration? You're at the right place then: here are our favorite websites and portfolios made with Copyfolio, from the month of June.

We'll tell you which website template each of them was built with and what we love about them the most.

Meredith Rimmer – Copywriter & marketer

Why we love it: from the super clean first fold to the carefully chosen images, Meredith's site is aesthetic and easy on the eyes. The crisp white background also lets us focus on her content, which is always a plus.

Stephanie Chamberlain – Creative writer

Why we love it: although Stephanie's tagline is lovely, it was undoubtedly the collection of illustrations used as thumbnails that caught our eye. Looking like children's book illustrations, they tell a story in and of themselves.

Frederico Nunes – Social media marketer

Why we love it: sometimes less is more. If you need a portfolio to easily showcase your best work, why not do literally just that? We love how straightforward this site is with the tagline and the 3 projects right underneath.

Caitlin Ridley – Strategic storyteller

Why we love it: this site is a paster dream palette come to life. And also a great example that you don't need photos for your project thumbnails. Even simple colors do, as long as they go together and match the background.

Brittney Reagan – Marketing & branding expert

Why we love it: Brittney has a great homepage structure. Great tagline with a photo, clearly outlines services, a perfect number of top projects showcased. And of course, a call-to-action- to finish it all off. It's a 10/10 in our books.

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